Dear ModFAQs Users,

This is an official statement from Brandon Teller, co-founder of ModFAQs. I regret that we have to release a statement on this matter, but it’s important that we have accountability to what’s going on and what we’re able to do.

There has been a lot of misinformation and half truths that have been put out regarding the status of ModFAQs. I am personally writing this up to clear up confusion for our users and our community.

Before getting into specifics, I want to address what ModFAQs is and was and what ModLinQ is. ModFAQs was a QA with owners, listed on the website as "Behind the FAQs", this also included a glossary of car and owner information. I was informed from one of the cofounders that they DO NOT want to be a social media site and Michael Wyman relayed the same message to myself after bringing me into the company and having me redevelop ModFAQs infrastructure. ModLinQ is intended to be a social media site, FAQ Section, which is a community driven Q and A section thought of and developed by Brandon Teller and also a marketplace for cars and vehicles. It's intention is to connect users with comments, status updates and information on each others builds. ChipLinQ is an added function to these intentions in the purpose of a social website for vehicles. ChipLinQ and ModLinQ are technologies thought of and solely developed and built only by Brandon Teller to date, using absolutely zero code, technology, branding and otherwise from ModFAQs. I feel that it's important the intention of the two sites and the intentions of myself wanting to build a social media site should be known before continuing.

Michael Wyman on September 18th, 2020 publicly posted on our Instagram account and personal accounts a personal and business attack to myself, my family and my businesses.

In the month of May I was asked to review ModFAQs as an entire application. After a security review, I concluded and with proof showed the other three co-founders a number of security risks that compromised the entire user base, user passwords, vin numbers, license plates, city, state and number of other personal data that was not properly protected.

I was asked to develop a new system in exchange for equity as a partner into the company and did eventually agree to come onto the ModFAQs team to help with this cause. Since I had a similar system partially developed and had interest in finishing it. I also have had great interest in providing a social community for car enthusiasts for years, which I later found out was not my co-founders intentions.

After I developed the application, we had significant traction but the other two co-founders which have asked to be unnamed, amicably left the company to pursue other business ventures and for personal reasons.

As of June, 2020, Michael Wyman and myself were the two co-founders that continued on with ModFAQs.

Micheal Wyman was tasked with the job of filing all LLC paperwork to ensure the company was in good standing. It was brought to my attention after months of filing not being done, that our LLC was not in good standing. This led to the potential conversation of disbanding the ModFAQs company due to the huge liability that any users signed up within that year for ModFAQs may not be legally protected by the LLC or the privacy policy that was set forth. It was Michael Wymans interest in protecting himself since he could be personally liable in the case of a data breach of these users.

After much discussion, we concluded that we would be moving forward with a new company due to this. At the time, Brandon Teller then provided a new UI/UX, Branding, Development and Product separate from ModFAQs called ModLinQ and ChipLinQ. Both technologies consisted of ideas and technology solely developed by Brandon Teller. The only thing that was previously in use at this time were the Facebook and Instagram social media accounts that Michael Wyman rebranded to ModLinQ.

On August 10th, 2020 Brandon Teller placed the production order for the ChipLInQ product. It was originally Michael’s duty to place this order which was not fulfilled. Michael Wyman at this point was receiving all ChipLinQ orders to his personal Shopify and personal bank accounts. It was his duty to reimburse the initial expense of the ChipLinQ orders which did not happen until August 17th, 2020. All profits from the orders placed from July 26th, 2020 to August, 20th 2020 were kept by Michael Wyman after the initial costs were eventually returned to Brandon Teller. Brandon Teller, ModLinQ and ChipLinQ did NOT accept any profit from these orders. Michael Wyman did keep all profits after production costs for all ChipLinQ orders.

On August 17th 2020, the social media accounts were moved to ModFAQs emails by Brandon Teller. On the same day these were given back to Michael Wyman’s personal email outside of ModFAQs by his request of “good faith”, Brandon Teller was then locked out of these accounts as a result and as of September 21st, 2020 still is.

On August 17th, 2020 Brandon Teller expressed that with the distrust with Michael Wyman and himself that he was considering walking away from the company. After further discussions, Michael Wyman expressed that he would provide the necessary business documentation that had been missing for months and to present a strategy for the company moving forward.

On August 18th, 2020 Michael Wyman explained to Brandon Teller that he would not be accepting a partnership with Brandon Teller and that he was stepping away from the company. Michael Wyman then demanded Brandon Teller to delete all accounts in attempt to not fulfill the ChipLinQ orders that were already sold.

A week went past at this point and both parties agreed that they would be starting their own companies and that they would not be posting on social media anymore regarding the matter.

On September 18th, 2020 Michael Wyman went back on this agreement and called out Brandon Teller on his personal social media accounts and also on the ModFAQs official social media account.

It is with regret that for these reasons and many others that ModFAQs at this time is not an active social media site and that I cannot endorse using the ModFAQs technology due to the original security risks. Any software released by Michael Wyman or his future companies is extremely likely to not be secure and poses very serious security risks for your personal data and vehicle information.

Michael Wyman did instruct Brandon Teller earlier on in their business agreement to move over users even after Brandon Teller expressed that this was not a good idea. For anyone that would like removed from the ModLinQ community please email them by clicking this link. ModLinQ is working on a feature to remove/delete vehicles at this time.

ModLinQ and ChipLinQ orders placed through Michael Wyman are still being honored. Michael Wyman is holding up several dozen orders from August 2nd, 2020 to August 14th, 2020. We at ModLinQ DO NOT HAVE YOUR ORDERS for these dates. Please use the link here to email us and we’ll get back to you promptly with your order. Michael Wyman has accepted all funds from the dates of July 26th, 2020 to August 20th, 2020 personally to himself. If you’d like a refund you will need to contact him directly, we are honoring these orders and fulfilling them as a good faith effort to our customers but are unable to issue refunds for these dates since we did not accept the orders and he’s holding them hostage from our team.

I regret that this was the final outcome of all of this, but it’s something that we need to address now the best we can. I really believe that this technology is revolutionary, I’ve spent countless hours and sleepless nights building this. I know that once everyone gets their product they’ll see what we see too and we won’t stop and we will come back stronger.

Let’s change the car community forever and together.

Brandon Teller

September 21st, 2020