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1999 Mazda Miata

Emerald Green Mica | Middletown, NJ | 0 Followers



Bought the car back in August from an older gentleman from Pennsylvania who never really drove the car and proceeded to learn to drive manual that day. Eventually my friend and I got the car home in one piece after he drifted my brand new car into a highway (it was a sick skid). After having the car for a couple days i couldn't get over how high it was and so i bought an extremely used set of Megan Racing coilovers from a local racer. The car now sat a bit lower but the wheels it came on were ASA JP1s in 16x7 on some dry rotted tires so I had to find a new set of wheels and tires, this sparked my obsession with wheels and now I have been through 13 sets of wheels for the car. Recently I slammed the car on both the front and rear and started scraping subframe so i might lift it a little, who knows lol.

Other Info

The coils are set to max hard and i have never gotten an alignment ;)

Performance Mods

Unknown brand short shifter
Manzo Exhaust
OEM strut tower brace

Cosmetic Mods

15x9 et0 Rota Shakotan
195/50r15 Chinese tires
Rev9HyperStreetIICoilovers 6k/8k
OEM Emerald Green Mica Hardtop w/ defroster
Unknown brand steering wheel w/ NRG hub