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2012 Audi S5

Ibis White | Turlock, CA | 0 Followers



After driving the hell out of my lemon B7 A4 that had a ton of issues, I ended up saying goodbye to it in April of 2018. I hunted for 3 weeks on my next vehicle but I was determined to stay with Audi. Ideally I wanted a B8.5 S4 but stumbled across a 4.2L S5 with super low miles and I had to check it out. The car came equipped with the STaSIS challenger pkg but the coilovers were pretty shot in the rear. The car had everything I wanted; good power, white exterior, black interior with carbon atlas trim, and great condition with full service history and one owner. The Audi dealership sold me two years of warranty for a peace of mind as well. I researched for months after acquiring the car and within 2 months I ordered and received almost every modification I currently have on the car. I loaded up a van in February of 2019 and threw everything on the car from carbon fiber pieces, new wheels and tires, my BBK, new coilovers, and many more. 3 days later I recieved the new build and fell in love with it all over again. The car handled so much better, sat lower, and responded immediately to my driving style. I drive about 500miles a month and am currently awaiting a carbon clean and new injectors for a peace of mind and to re-gain any power I’ve lost from build up. I’m itching for more power and looking at the 2.5T platform and I’m babying this S5 in lieu of potentially selling it early in 2020.

Other Info

The vehicle has 43,337miles as of July 22nd, 2019.

Performance Mods

JHM Tune
AWE S-FLO Carbon Fiber Intake
Custom 2.5” exhaust
Öhlins Road&Track coilovers
034 Subframe Inserts
034 Transmission Mount
034 Density Line Control arms
034 Upper Adjustable arms
ECS Differential mounts
BC Forged 20x10 +28 wheels
Stoptech 380mm BBK
STaSIS Rear Sway Bar
Michelin Super Sports 275/30

Cosmetic Mods

Satin Black Vinyl window trim
Carbon Fiber OEM rear valance
Black Optic grille
Black Optic badges
Custom painted headlights
30% tint all around
70% ceramic windshield tint


2012 Audi S5 Prestige