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2018 Volvo V90 Cross Country

Gloss Liquid Copper | Baltimore, MD | 0 Followers



In 2018 I owned a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee I bought new thr previous November. I loved my Jeep. I felt badass. Until the crash ratings came out and it was a huge ordeal. My husband stumbled across this and felt uncomfortable because he was always passenger in my Jeep. So I began the hunt for look for something "safe." A lot of my car friends had spoken highly of Volvo, many were working with the brand. I visited a dealer and fell in love with the floor model V90 Inscription they had. I did not like the price, so the salesman introduced me to the Cross Country (I wanted the blonde interior so no R Design for me). I test drove the two available engines and determined which I liked more and decided the T6 was the one I wanted. That dealer didn't have a model that fit my criteria in stock but would contact me when one came about. That night I was scrolling CarGurus and found a "leftover" 2018 V90 Cross Country at a dealer about an hour away. It's a leftover because it has been sitting on the lot since 2017. It was heavily discounted, had the packages I wanted, but not color - no matter I fixed that later. I said Goodbye to my Jeep that day. I miss it very much, but I also love my V90 so much.

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T6 - turbo and supercharged 4 cylinder with 315 Horsepower and 295 FT lbs of torque.