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2003 BMW M3

Silver Grey (BMW Code #A08) | South Brunswick, NJ | 0 Followers



~8 years in the works. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions :) In the past 8 years now I put my blood sweat and tears into this car, and I do everything myself (up to the most recent changes where some pros were needed). She stands at 126,000 on the clock today. It's never seen a dealership (other than the airbag recall) and only touched by one shop after 6 years of ownership and 9 months of discussing some ideas. I address every and all details I've come across in that car (with still an open list) on my own. Any mod was welcomed with fixes and maintenance. Since i'd be exposing areas of the vehicle for a mod, may as well do the maint and preventative maint. The list, actions, and use of jack stands go on I tell you. She's not perfect yet by any means and I do have many plans...but she was an ugly duckling that really needed a home. I'm telling you, this car may have been destined for parting and never being in the hands of the right person. Well, it turned out I was the right person. Perhaps I've failed to listen to the old BMW enthusiast adage that says “the key to owning an E46 is not restoration, but preservation”...but I can say I've proven to be able to give this car a second chance. Was it cheap...No, by no means. Was it easy...nope. Am I dedicated and love what I do...yup. Therefore it has been a joy to own and work on. (DISCLAIMER - This is just about me and my view of my car) Folks always ask why I don't identify myself or my car with the term "Build". For ME, it has nothing to do with being "built, not bought", has nothing to do with "wraps, bags, and rims", and has nothing to do with "being 'completely' built". I am not in the service industry, therefore, it's not one of my establishment's "builds" in a portfolio. I don't flip cars for profit (more power to those who do) and I definitely don't try to do anything no one else has to just check a box. As a person who has a love for this...the term disconnects me from my passion in regards to everything I've done to this car, for me. With that said, it's an extension of me, it's a passion of mine, it's something my blood, sweat, cuts, bruises, and wallet have participated in. It's...My Car...and it's really just that simple.

Other Info

Winter 2018 To-Do list (mods & maint): (TBC)

Cosmetic Mods

Hamman Eyelids

Hamman Brake duct/fog light inserts

AC Schnitzer “Style” Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Splitter/Spoiler

Status Gruppe Rear “CSL” Carbon Fiber Diffuser

OEM Blackout Front Kidney Grills

Blackout Fender Gills

Smoked corner parking lights (Depo w/Silvervision bulbs) – Smoked fender side markers (Depo w/Silvervision bulbs) – Also have OEM Ambers including OEM rear Amber LED tail lights

Body color painted front bumper reflectors

Nokya H7 3000k color high beam bulbs

JDM Tuning 6000k HID Bi-Xenon bulbs

Fog lights (Interchangeable) – JDM Tuning HID retrofit (w/6000k and 3000k bulbs) – Nokya 3000k “9006” non-HID bulbs

Body color painted M3 Style rear spoiler

Bimmian “Mini” E46 convertible tuner antenna

Umnitza Orion V2 Predator Halo Rings

"M3" etched Morimoto projector lenses and Morimoto XBT Demon Eyes w/Bluetooth controller – projector bowls painted in Satin Black

LED license plate bulbs