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2018 Subaru BRZ

Metalic White Pearl | Delaware, DE | 0 Followers



Totaled my 2015 Subaru BRZ after hitting some ice and went head on with a rock. Before this happened i went to the Philly Auto Show and checked out the BRZ Ts. Fell in love with everything about. Chatted with my buddy and thought i could never afford a car like this. About 4 months after getting the 2015 brz i had the accident and about a month later I was in the TS. When I mentioned to the dealer I wanted it they thought i was joking. Nopers not this guy so i got aproved and gave them the check the next day. The 2018 BRZ Ts wssnt even in the USA for 24 hrs. I was a happy camper and didnt even wana drive it off the lot. It drive so smooth and responsive. The suspenion very smooth also and barly has any roll. Just an amazing car all around no complaints from this happy guy.

Other Info

Subaru Ambassador Youtube:

Performance Mods

•K&N Filter
•Custom front pipe
•Remark Muffler Delete

Cosmetic Mods


Cant list everything but I will post a link.