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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Black | Antioch, CA | 0 Followers



Do I even gotta explain? Lol ... MIDNIGHT CLUB 3 DUB EDITION ON THE OG XBOX... first car you can unlock is the 3G eclipse ... set out a goal since I was a little ass kid before I knew they were slow FWDs lol still love it tho fun asf to drive

Other Info

Car has been crashed 3 times with no insurance (none of those times it was me 2 my step dad 1 my brother and he ran me over in the process lmao) so fixed by me over spans of months is why I didn’t do much cosmetically

Performance Mods

Megan Racing Headers (Don’t bolt right up)
Cat Delete (custom Resonated pipe)
Greddy Catback
Upgraded Fuel Sensors
Upgraded injectors
Upgraded fuel pump
Electronic fuel control module
Custom Fabricated Cold Air Intake
E85 Tuned (flexfuel)
Megan Racing coilovers
Aftermarket Short Shifter
Upgraded heavy duty clutch with a lightweight flywheel

Cosmetic Mods

XXR 527s in Chromium Black
Custom Headlights and Taillights


2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS
3.0L V6 (None US spec)
5-Speed M/T