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2018 BMW M3

Nardo Grey | West Palm Beach, FL | 0 Followers



I have always had a passion for cars like every other young boy. My whole family has always owned a BMW. I remember my second year of high school being handed down keys to a 2007 328xi I felt like a million bucks that’s when it all began. the modding but to be honest the more I did the more I wanted until I set my eyes on the M3 at that moment I knew I would by one. After high school I went to school for aviation maintenance to one day be a Jet engine mechanic. Time went by and I managed to land a great job at a great company repairing Jet engines. It was August 2018 my birthday had just passed and I told myself I want to check out the new M3’s so I drove to my nearest BMW dealer and told them I wanted a Fully loaded White M3 with red or black interior unfortunately they were not able to find one with the specs I so desired but they did say “we have a special one in back that just got delivered” It not white but just take a look. I did and at that moment I was sold. The next day I went in and drove it off the lot. That little kid finally got his dream car.

Other Info

Performance Mods

No performance mods as of yet big plans for some down the road for sure.

Cosmetic Mods

I have spent a lot of time on cosmetics.
Carbon fiber m performance front lip and splitters from rwcarbon.
Carbon fiber side skirts from rwcarbon.
Rear Carbon fiber diffuser from rwcarbon.
Custom LED Carbon fiber steering from Dinmann.
Carbon fiber extended paddle shifters from Autoteknic.
Carbon fiber seat inserts from rwcarbon.


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