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2018 Dodge Challenger

Go mango | Ocala, FL | 0 Followers



Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in sports cars. I used to be in love with the mustangs, but one day I watched a fast and furious movie with my pops and I fell in love with the challenger. Ever since then I was determined to get one. I finally saved up enough money after I graduated high school and me and my pops went on an adventure to find me one at dealerships. The minute I laid eyes on my car now, I new it was the one. It’s only a v6 but that is all I could really afford at the time and I’m still grateful to be able to own one. I named my car nacho since the color reminds me of the Doritos nacho lmao. I want a faster car in the future but for now it’ll do since I’m trying to save up for a house. I enjoy getting in my car everyday and it reminds me of my hard work and dedication.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Performance chip
Resonator delete

Cosmetic Mods

Overlay grill
Black gas cap
Tint kit
Side marker tint
Dash & rear camera


330 horsepower
3.6 L V6
Torque: 268 @ 4800