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2015 BMW i8

White | Eldersburg, MD | 0 Followers



As a long time Corvette owner, I had to sell my Corvette in 2009 when I got laid off. I got a new job and saved up for 10 years when I started looking for a new Vette. The BMW i8 was a "similar car" on CarGurus. I checked it out and it was truly special. I daily drive it since it gives me great gas mileage, being a hybrid. But, it's also a head turner and I enjoy taking it to cars and coffee events.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Cosmetic Mods

OEM aero package front splitters
OEM aero package rear spoiler
Extended paddle shifters
OEM turbine wheels with wider tires


Plug-in hybrid
B38 1.5L 3 cylinder mid-engine
Electric motor front-axle
357HP and 420 lb-ft combined
Carbon Fiber chassis