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2004 Mazda Miata

Subaru world rally blue | Phoenix, AZ | 0 Followers



Accidentally test drove a miata after totalling my accord and instantly fell in love. Didnt stop till I found the right miata, now I have this. It was stock and original green 2018 july when i picked it up. I have done everything myself other than the paint to this car.

Other Info

All work done by me except the paint

Performance Mods

Short ram intake
Straight pipe exhaust
Coolant resivior overflow
Wire tuck

Cosmetic Mods

Bomex bumper
Custom headlights and taillights
Rocketbunny leds
Tein coils with 14k swift springs
Ssr vienna 3 peice wheels
Godspeed full camber kit
240sx stock wing with custom endplates
Carbonfiber wrapped hardtop
Rare oem side garnishes
Interior stylings


1.8 vvt
6spd manual trans
Lsd rwd differential