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2014 Volkswagen GLI

Hyper Silver | Columbus, GA | 0 Followers



My job was moving me to another city about an hour from where I lived for several months and I needed a car for the drive that was not my daily, which was a slammed '99 corolla. The catch was that I only had 4 days to buy a new vehicle and I was given a great deal on this MK6 GLI so I took it.

Other Info

As of right now the only "driver mod" is the ECS Tuning 6-speed short shifter. Not much as of right now, I am currently just enjoying the engine stock and collecting supporting mods for a k04 upgrade, just waiting on either my clutch or turbo to give before I do. This is my only means of transportation as of now, since I sold the corolla which I regret, so I am not in too much of a rush but oh boy I cannot wait! (I also included before and after pictures from when I threw on the suspension for some reference)

Performance Mods

Unitronic Cold Air Intake.
Custom-made Exhaust.
Ecs Tuning Street Performance Coilover System.

Cosmetic Mods

Rotiform CVT for wheels (18x8.5 +35)
Nankang NS-25 for tires (225/40)
Custom-made rear diffuser


MK6 30th Edition GLI