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2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Demon gloss black nebula | campbell, CA | 0 Followers



18 years old, DIY kinda of guy. Done all the work on my car myself, (with some help ofc). I do some slight autocross currently hopefully can make it onto a track one day with this car or en even better one!

Other Info

i guess this would be V2 of my car lol. Fitting the bumper and wrapping the car probably the toughest part of my build, hope ya enjoy! Before you take your next mod to a shop to install, ask yourself, "Could i do this shit myself?"

Performance Mods

BC coilovers
MXP catback exhaust
ATQ shortshifter
Megan Racing transmission mount

Cosmetic Mods

Vgr front bumper
Demon gloss black wrap
Bk2 tails audi mod
XXR 568s
CF duckbill


Genesis coupe 3.8L Base