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1999 Ferrari 360

Giallo Modena | Chestertown, MD | 0 Followers



I bought this car and swore I was going to keep it stock and treat it well. Then someone rear ended me at 5mph so I built a manual Challenge Stradale clone.

Other Info

Performance Mods

430 Challenge (actual racecar) suspension, brakes, and center lock wheels
Mase Performance ECU tune
Capristo catless stage 3 exhaust
Sparco QRT-R seats
Bridgestone Re-71r

Cosmetic Mods

Full Challenge Stradale body kit
OEM Challenge Stradale stripe
OEM Challenge Stradale rear grille
OEM Ferrari Enzo key fob
Alpine Halo 9 head unit
Focal door speakers
Scud Ing Swiss LED taillights


3.6L V8
Gated manual transmission