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2018 Audi S5

Java Green Metallic | Newark, DE | 0 Followers



Lifelong gear head. Prior vehicles include 1967 Camaro, 2006 charger RT, even a 1980s dodge Omni glh :-). More modern, 2012 Audi s5, 2014 rs5 - damn, loved that car! And now we are here.

Other Info

Hated giving up the v8 grumble and high rev rpms of the rs5, but... this car is just as great in so many different ways!

Performance Mods

ABT power engine control upgrade (425hp/405 lb-ft)
AWE full touring exhaust
AWE carbon fiber air intake (coming as soon as they finish making it)

Cosmetic Mods

Not yet. Maybe a few subtle ones coming.


354 hp / 369 lb-ft (stock)