2018 BMW M3

Mineral Gray Metallic | Edison, NJ | 0 Followers



It was 3:02pm, in August of 2018. I was vacationing in Los Angeles, California. Suddenly, I heard a loud rumble to my left and I noticed it was an M3. It was love at first sight. At that exact moment I knew I would make the M3 my next car... Fast forward 5 months... I walked into a dealership in Jersey and bought the exact same car with the same color! #Blessed

Other Info

The car is daily driven, ceramic coated for 3 years (interior & exterior) and makes about 525whp/560wtq.

Performance Mods

SSR Downpipes
Bm3 Stage 2-Aggressive Burble Tune

Cosmetic Mods

Vorsteiner Front Lip
Vorsteiner Rear Diffuser
PSM dynamics spoiler
M Performance LED steering wheel
5 % Tint


2018 F80 M3
Competition Package
Executive Package
Drivers Assistant Package