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2013 Tesla Model S

Purple | Morehead City, NC | 0 Followers



I am a full time rideshare driver using Uber, Lyft, and soon to be on Uzurv360. We fell in love with Tesla after seeing a random YouTube video. We started researching Tesla and were hooked by the safety rating, full electric, and roomy. They also look very sleek and sexy, so that was a bonus! Our oldest daughter named our Model S "Tess" and it stuck. Tess is my dream car. We spent a while searching for a Tesla in our budget and got lucky on Craigslist. I went from spending ~$700-800 a month on gas to a much cheaper car payment and haven't looked back. I have doubled my work miles, lowered my overall costs, and got the perks of a fun and safe vehicle to drive while working. There's nothing quite like the looks on my riders faces when I pull up to pick them up! I will never own anything else. 😁

Other Info

Vinyl wrap made by KPMFUSA and installed by me. The color is Matte Iced Amethyst Titanium. I decorate Tess for the holidays. Seasonal decorations are a collaboration between myself and my girls.

Performance Mods

None. 0-60 in 4.2 seconds is fast enough for me lol.

Cosmetic Mods

Vinyl wrap
Uber Beacon
Lyft Amp
Seasonal decorations


Too many to list 🙂