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2011 Audi A4

Gray | Wapakoneta, OH | 0 Followers



This is the Dadwagon, basically it was my fun daily to take my family around to car shows and the grocery store until I had low compression on cylinder 2. It had a ko4 at the time and decided it was time to make it a little faster.

Other Info

Performance Mods

JE pistons
IE Rods
Mahle bearings
RAC 6362 turbo
JDL exhaust manifold
IE port injection intake manifold
Full stock head rebuild
ARP main bolts
ARP head studs
Airlift v2 management
Airlift performance bags/struts
19" 3sdm .06 wheels

Plenty more to come

Cosmetic Mods

20% Window tint
Airlift bags

More to come


2011 Audi A4 Avant
2.0 tfsi
ZF8 transmission
Premium Plus package