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2020 Audi RS 3

Nardo Gray | 0 Followers



Well....I picked up my s3 in August of 16’ just a short time before the rs3’s started arriving. At that point the hype of the rs3’s hadn’t really hit and the potential of the platform was totally unrealized still. I had a front row view of what people were doing with their RS’s, all the great stuff company’s were producing & it was the perfect way to get lust over the next dream car while still enjoying the s3 tremendously, all the way up until the end. The rough draft to the RS3 if your will.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Stock piled the following for now....

-STM intercooler
-Uni 4” inlet
-034 dynamic+ springs
-034 rear sway bar
-034 end links
-P3 gauge

Cosmetic Mods

-Horsch CF front lip
-Winn Auto CF side skirts
-RW Carbon CF rear diffuser


2020 Nardo Edition RS3
-Black Optics
-OEM black badges
-OEM Carbon inlays
-Tech/Virtual Cockpit
-Rs Design
-Dynamic Package
-174 mph increased factory governor
-Sport exhaust
-RS fixed suspension