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2019 Volkswagen GTI

Cornflower Blue | Huntington Beach, CA | 0 Followers



So I had been looking for this Cornflower Blue color for months and wasn’t able to find it anywhere. I gave up looking a for a bit (I still had about 3 months left on my Scion tC lease). One day I woke up and just thought, “🤔 I’m gonna check the VW locator just for fun (about 2 months had gone by at this point).” Sure enough, one had popped up right down the street from me. So I impulsively went that night after work and bought it 🤷‍♂️😅. Best impulse buy ever 💯💪🏼.

Other Info

Performance Mods

NXS Wheels | NXS-10 Forged Hybrid Monoblock / 19x8.5 +44
H&R Sport Lowering Springs

Cosmetic Mods

Rokblokz | Short Mudflaps
Branded Vinyl | IG Stickers
SoCal MK7 | Stickers
West Coast Dubs | Stickers