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2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback

Sonoma Green Metallic | Portland, OR | 0 Followers



Already driving a modified B9 S5 Sportback Prestige -- Navarra Blue over Rotor Grey, ordered mid-2017 -- when the RS5 Sportback was announced in early 2018, I Immediately put my name on the list with my local dealership and spent the next several months debating spec. My intent was to custom order in Audi Exclusive Merlin Purple over Lunar Silver ("white"). I even did countless colorway mockups in Photoshop to get an idea of what looked good, since there weren't really any cars out there beyond the press vehicle ... ironically in Sonoma Green Metallic. When the books finally opened in September 2018 for customer orders though, I was only a week or so out of major surgery for a badly broken right foot. I wouldn't be able to walk for at least three months, and knew I couldn't drive for several months either. Although that seems like a good time to have to wait on a car, since an RS5 SB order would take a few months ... I wasn't in the right mindset when I got the call from the dealer, and I passed on my chance. As others on forums and instagram got excited about their orders heading into the end of the year, I started looking around a bit at incoming allocations. Fast forward to early January 2019, I was driving again (finally!) and had a routine service appointment scheduled for the S5 SB. When I arrived, they had their first RS5 SB out front ... a Glacier White with Black Optics unit. It was gorgeous. The car had way more presence in person than I was expecting based on photos. I instantly fell in love. In Summer 2018, before my injury, I'd driven a 2018 RS5 Coupe ... and wasn't impressed. That factored heavily into my not ordering a Sportback; my broken foot was one thing, but also thinking about how underwhelmed I was by that test drive. Even so, when my sales rep suggested I take the SB out for a drive, I figured WTH?! And that was it. When we got back, I pretty much knew I wanted one. I spent the next week or so discussing with the dealer (pricing, allocation, ordering, etc) and my wife. By late January, I had a deposit on one ... not an AE Merlin Purple car, but rather Sonoma Green. As others waited months more for Audi Exclusive cars ordered in September (!), the Sonoma Green allocation I grabbed arrived in mid-February and I was absolutely blown away by the color in person ... my first time seeing it IRL, and I couldn't be happier.

Other Info

Awaiting install/completion: Full XPEL Stealth PPF (install postponed due to coronavirus) APR ECU Upgrade (install postponed due to coronavirus) OEM Euro-spec Matrix LED (install postponed due to coronavirus) Vossen Forged 3-piece Evo 1R wheels (arrived after three month build, just need to get tires on them)