1999 Ford Mustang

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I had a 99 v6 black before this which i though was the bomb. It was my first car and i loved it to death. washed it once a week. would sit in it and drive it whenever i could. first year I had it i threw a rod. Found a decent motor for $350 so I did my own motor swap. unfortunately this motor burned and leaked oil to the point were i couldn’t leave the hood closed on it for more that a week. would swallow a quart of oil every week. A year after the motor swap I wanted to upgrade to somthing a bit better. I was looking at a lot of new edge gt’s. And a stick was mandatory because i regretted getting a auto for my first car. so i was looking for about a month and found a couple that i likes, started calling people, started looking at cars. But then. I went on craigslist and I found a awesome black 99 mustang cobra convertible and his add said $5200. I knew i had to have it. so i called the guy up and started asking about it. It all seemed legit. the next day i went to look at the add again to look at the pictures and make sure this was the one. But I see changed the price to $5800. So i text the guy to see what was up with that, No response. next day i text him again. He replied with “i accidentally put in the wrong price. I was so bummed when he said that. But i was talking to him for a while then he said “ you really like this car don’t you” i said yes. Then he said “ you know what, I think she has to be yours, when can we meet” and I was so spiked with energy and excitement. I went and looked at it. needs work, stereo doesn’t work, dash lights don’t work, bad bushings in the rear. And the car had 173,000 miles on it. with rebuilt motor and new tranny. But he gave me a box with all polly bushings to do up the whole car. The first ones i didn’t were the diff bushings because it was just slopping around. fixed that, fixed the stereo, fixed the dash. Lots more to do but it’s drivable for now. love the car. so many plans. Not enough money XD

Other Info

Performance Mods

Drilled and slotted rotors
Eibach lowering springs
magnaflow exhaust
aftermarket air filter

Cosmetic Mods

smoked headlights w/ HID’s
rear stilling bar
FR500 wheels


4.6L 32v v8 320hp 317tq
0-60 in 5.5 sec
5 speed trans
black interior
power top
power seat
power door locks