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2011 Nissan Maxima

Satin pearl white | Greenville, SC | 0 Followers



Originally bought the car to daily for work and then I started seeing some modded maximas. So I decide it was time for me to mod mine and here I am. Tons of money and broken parts later I have my shitbox that I love.

Other Info

The suspension I’m running is d2 air struts with airlift 3p management. I have slotted struts in the front so that I could get the camber needed to tuck my wheels.

Performance Mods

R2c cold air intake
Custom full 3inch dual exhaust

Cosmetic Mods

Full vinyl wrap job
The material is cheetah wrap and the color is satin pearl white


Rotiform indt

20x9.5 +5(tucking with -4.5 degrees of camber)

20x10.5 +0(tucking with -6 degrees of camber)