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1999 Mazda Miata

Merlot | Woodstock, GA | 0 Followers



I was given an empty roller Miata shell by my best friend. It was basically deemed useless and was going to be junked. I wanted to take the opportunity to build my own Miata believing I can fight through the problems with the shell. It had a rusted floor pan which I had to cut out and weld in a new one. The color Merlot is one of my absolute favorites so I had to go with the color for paint. I am the head fabricator with mx5digital which allowed me to become sponsored by carbonmiata allowing me to run the widebody kit. I am very proud to see the finished product and am very grateful to have the friends and family who have supported me through the build!

Other Info

This Miata is my pride and joy! Next mods are a Flat top intake manifold and an exhintake cam swap pushing power through a 6 speed transmission. The route after that will be ITBs. I had recently built a 2000 Special Edition Miata for my fiance so we could ride together in basically matching Miatas.

Performance Mods

-1.8 High compression built motor
-BCRacing Coilovers
-15x10.5 -32et Felgenwerks wheels
- BFGoodrich rivals 245/40r15
- K&N Typhoon intake (Thanks to Rspeed)
- Full Racing Beat exhaust (headers, midpipe and axle back)

Cosmetic Mods

-Carbonmiata widebody kit
-Sparkling Merlot paint
-Bridgemoto steering wheel
-10AE Interior with diamonds Stitched door panels


-1999 widebody Miata
-1.8L Engine
-Naturally Aspirated