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2006 Audi A4

Dark gloss grey | Long beach, CA | 0 Followers



First big boy purchase after high school. Held on to it since 2008 just to remind myself of all the hard work I put into gettin this car at 20.

Other Info

Admin of Audi Group of Los Angeles

Performance Mods

Race tec fmic
JHM stage 2 clutch kit + light weight flywheel
JHM short throw
iE high pressure fuel pump
Apr ko4 turbo kit
Apr stage 3 tune
S3 injectors
Ecs intake and scoops
APR turbo back exhaust with RS style tips
ST coilovers
TTRS brembo big brake kit

Cosmetic Mods

Full wrap Avery dark gloss grey
Carbon fiber DTM Front Lip
Carbon fiber siebon hood
Carbon fiber relak side skirt
Carbon fiber ecs duck bill spoiler
DTM Rear bumper
Rotiforms WSG wheels 19x9.5 et 35
S4 recarro seats
Custom honeycomb carbon fiber interior trim
Custom flat bottom steering wheel
Custom full mesh grill