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2012 Cadillac CTS-V

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I've been in the car game for quite some time now. It all started with something my parents told me when I was starting high school. As a kid, I grew up spending a majority of my time outdoors mainly at our local park with all the kids old and young in my neighborhood. Most of the time you would find us playing sports, whether it be basketball, tennis, BMX, you name it we were into it. The one sport I was particularly interested in and good at was good old American Football. Upon starting High School, I had asked my parents to sign me up for the football team at Glenbard North High School where I went all 4 years. They immediately said no all due to the fact that my cousin had played football and had gotten beat up pretty bad (Broken Bones, Bruised Ribs, Tears, etc etc.). This discouraged me and really put a huge downer on what was supposed to be a fresh start in high school. I would go watch the team practice during their AM practice sessions during the summer before my first year and one day when I was walking inside to use the bathroom I noticed a huge garage door in a small section of the building, what looked like a loading dock. I scoured the hall to find the entrance to this room as my curiosity peaked. When I finally found it, I was star struck. Posters of muscle cars like the iconic Terminator Shelby of the 2000's era. Brian O'Connor's Ford Lightning from the first Fast and the Furious film. Motor's on stands, pistons, rods, car lifts. I was in awe. This was basically the defining moment of where my love for Automotive began. My mindset turned completely away from Sports and went straight to cars. At this moment I knew I had to enroll in this class, whatever it took, it had to be done and by god's grace, I was in that seat in the classroom on my first day. Since getting my license, I've owned many cars, first car being a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS my parents helped me buy to drive to college. I owned that car just over a year until I ran into a new friend in college who drove an electric blue Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. It was a full bolt on cams car and after one ride in that thing I knew I had to get myself into one in any way possible. Few months later I traded in my Lancer for an Evo IX MR I found at a local dealer by my house. The night before it was ready for pickup we ended up getting almost 2 ft of snow (Great Chicago blizzard of 2011) if you Chicagoans remember. I remember digging myself out of the garage with my family for 4 whole hours to go get it. By this point of this story you can probably tell how crazy I was about cars LOL. I remember taking that EVO to Great Lakes drag strip with my friend Saad and running a 13.0 sec flat quarter mile as my best time, not bad for someone who didn't know how to drive stick very well. While at the strip, I saw a plethora of race cars doing wheelies down the strip, a league which I couldn't even imagine myself being in at the time but when I saw those front wheels pop on that car, I knew I needed to get myself into a heavily modified rear wheel drive car at some point in my life. During the next few years life happened and I sold the EVO and went through a few daily drivers specifically an Infiniti G37s coupe, and a even a Fiat Abarth that I modified to be a fun daily on my 140 miles a day commute back and fourth to work. One day upon walking into work I found out I was being downsized and although it was a shock to me having already been in shock from losing my father just 3 weeks prior to this decision, I found comfort in it knowing this is an opportunity for me to find a new job closer to home so I can spend more time with my grieving family and also not to mention I would be saving insane amounts of money on gas every week. I ended up finding a position with a new company that was just a measly 15 minutes from work and the opportunity was amazing. So much so that I bought a present for myself. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for cars I was interested in, but the person who really influenced my decision on buying an American RWD sports car was my good friend Hassan who was the marketing manager at a local LS specialty shop called Speed INC. who also drove a 900 HP LSA swapped Pontiac G8 that he had converted from a v6 into essentially a road going monster. He said, "Dude you have a secondary car and you don't have to worry about gas, you don't have to worry about winter, there isn't a single reason why you shouldn't buy an American muscle car (Hint Hint). Yes, you guessed it, this was the moment when he and I flew out to Orlando, Florida to pick up a pristine condition manual transmission 2012 Cadillac CTS-V coupe. We road tripped it all the way back to Chicago stopping at Daytona Beach and driving up and down the strip. It was a hell of an experience and bonding moment for the two us. After owning the car for a few month's I had already grown bored with it. I needed more but I didn't have the money to dump into it so I waited a year and low and behold, I got let go again from the position I was working but this brought with it an even bigger opportunity at another company. Once securing my position there, I was comfortable enough to start splurging on the V. Once my CPO warranty ran out, I gave Hassan a call at Speed INC. and had him quote out a build for me. I had sticker shock when I saw it with my own two eyes but I said, "screw it, you only live once right?" Dropped the car off a week later and went from a bone stock to 900 HP in foul swoop. That's where we are sitting today thus far.

Other Info

Shoutout to Race Consulting Agency for the Sponsorship on the Suspension Setup. Disclaimer: Probably missing quite a few things on mods list but that's a majority of it LOL

Performance Mods

- Airaid Cold Air Intake
- 4.5 inch Green Intake Filter
- Jokerz 102 Chaos Ported Blower and Snout
- Factory Lid with Reinforced Inter-Cooler Brick
- Nick Williams 102 mm Boosted Throttle Body
- Speed INC. SI9 Custom Grind Camshaft by Competition Cams
- Chromoly Push Rods
- ARP Head Studs
- Competition Cams Dual Valve Springs
- New GM Head Gasket
- ATI Super Dampener Harmonic Balancer
- Metco Idler Pully
- 2.45 Upper/9.1 Lower Pully Setup (14 lbs Boost)
- AFCO Racing Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
- Varimax Heat Exchanger Pump
- Injector Dynamics 1050cc Injectors
- DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump
- DSX Flex Fuel Kit
- GM Flex Sensor
- NGK BR7EF Spark Plugs
- Accel Extreme 9000 Ceramic Booted Spark Plug Wires
- Texas Speed and Performance 2 Inch Primary Long Tube Headers
- Texas Speed and Performance 3 Inch X-Pipe
- Corsa Sport Muffler
- No Cats/No Resonators
- Mighty Mouse Wild Oil Catch Can
- 160 Degree Thermostat
- Lingenfelter LNC-2001 Launch Control Unit
- Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge (Factory Clock Placement)
- Speed INC. Dyno Tuned & Street Tuned on 93/E85 (Flex)

Cosmetic Mods

- Blacked Out Upper/Lower Grill
- Blacked Out Fog Light Housing
- APR Carbon Splitter (Ceramic Coated)
- Weapon X Motorsports Carbon Rocker Blades (Ceramic Coated)
- HRE FF01 Forged Wheels 20x9 Front 20x10.5 Rear (Custom Powder Coated Gunmetal & Ceramic Coated)
- Nitto NT555G2 Front Tires 255/35/20
- Nitto NT555R Extreme Drag Radials Rear Tires 305/35/20
- Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction on Full Vehicle Including Brake Calipers, and Coating on Exhaust
- Silver's NEOMAX Coilovers (Custom Spring Rates)


-Tremec TR6060 6 Speed Manual Transmission
-Recaro Leather Bucket Seats with Perforated Alcantara Inserts
- Heated and Cooled Seats
- Alcantara Steering Wheel
- G Meter
- Sunroof
- Black Headliner
- Black Piano Veneer Trim
- Blind Spot Monitoring
- Bose Audio
- Technology Package
- Convenience Package
(Fully Optioned Out from Factory)