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2006 Subaru Legacy GT

Garnet Red Pearl | Murfreesboro, TN | 0 Followers



The Legacy GT is commonly known as either the broke man's STI or the Spec B is known as the Gentlemen's STI due to the luxurious interior that the STI lacks. These cars give you just as much fun as the STI at half the cost!! I can surely say that my money invested in this tasteful sedan was well worth the cost!! Turbocharged 2.5 Boxer, Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, and rather dashing aesthetics!! If you're thinking about getting an STI, give the Legacy a chance first. It's a wonderful car!!

Other Info

I'm in love with my car. It's been one hell of a daily driver. A year and a half later, this car still hasn't bored me. Fun to drive. Very very comfortable. One complaint though, it's too comfortable. There are long work days where I could fall asleep driving because how this car rides and drives. The leather seats don't make it any better either. It's entirely too comfy in this car haha If you're thinking about buying one, do it. You will not regret it.

Performance Mods

Mine is stock for now due to it's my only car at the moment, but I do have parts. Just a few basic bolt ons and a tune to go with it. For now I have:
Grimmspeed Cold Air Intake
TGV deletes
CNT Top Mount Intercooler
Torque Solution Turbo Inlet
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Just to wake her up a little bit.
Plans are:
Built EJ257 swap with Pauter Rods and Pistons with a Borge Warner 9180 Turbo tuned on 30 psi.
Considering a dogbox or a sequential gearbox for this build.

Cosmetic Mods

Rota Slipstream 17x8.5
Fitted with Kuhmo Esctas Tires real grippy in wet conditions, amazing for daily, and they've lasted me 50k miles with 6/32nds left of tread on them.
For the price, really durable and lightweight. Recommended wheels for the tight budget.


2.5l H4
VF40 Turbo
Symmetrical All Wheel Drive
5 speed Automatic (Base GT or LTD)
5 speed Manual (Base GT or LTD)
6 speed Manual (Spec B package on 2007 and up on 4th generations only.)