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2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Blackout Edition | Huntington Beach, CA | 0 Followers



Well I’ve always been a fan of imports ever since father Paul Walker in TF&TF said “I almost had you”. Then I saw this gnarly FJ40 modded out crawling some insane ****. A decade later and a few G’s in my pocket I laid eyes on this beaut! A first Gen FJc with the first Toyota Race Development package. I jumped on it and flew out to AZ and was finally able to blurt “I have you”. Yeah, she’s no street queen or parking lot beauty, but she’s a trail boss and a sexy crawling goddess. Some would say she a wh*** because she gets dirty, but I think she’s more of a premier stripper that’s wanting to get down and dirty.

Other Info

Graphic Designer Aftermarket Entrepreneurial Engineer

Performance Mods

Icon Vehicle Dynamics shocks adjustable CDCV’s
Icon Vehical Dynamics bump stops
Toytec outer bump extenders
Icon Vehicle Dynamics ECU
Califabrication trailing arms
Metaltech4x4 springs
BFGoodrich MK3 33”

Cosmetic Mods

KCHilites light bar
KCHilites spotter pods
Pro Comp. party lights (rock lights)
Icon Vehicle Dynamics sliders
Spyder Auto head & tail lights


27.5” of articulation travel
BMC chop
Spindle gussets
Rear locking differential