2014 Ford Mustang

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I was looking to buy my first car and mainly looking at 2005-09 V6 Mustangs. In my area a 4.0 would sell for around 13K. I found the 3.7 for 14K on a Ford Dealer’s website. To have around double the horsepower and be almost 10 years newer for one grand more made it perfect to me. I went to test drive the car and bought it a few days later. The goal is to make her a 5.0 killer.

Other Info

Performance Mods

After-Cat straight pipe/muffler delete
Spectre Cold Air Intake Kit

Cosmetic Mods

CDC Performance Grille
Ford Performance Banner
MMD Louvers
MMD Diffuser
Speedform 3.7 badges
Speedform GT/CS Spoiler
2013-14 GT Premium/AP wheels
StreetScene Gen 1 Splitter
Speedform Smoked Headlight Covers
MGP Caliper Covers
MMD Hood Struts
RTR Decklid Panel
2013-2014 GT Hood


Around 320 Crank Horspower (305 stock)
280 Torque
(Around 270 stock)
3.7 L N/A V6