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2006 Volkswagen GTI

TornadoRed | Coral Springs, FL | 0 Followers



I've always wanted to build and design a track car and race it. When I got my 2001 Lexus IS300, I thought that would of been that car to do it. However it had unreported & horrible frame damage that was repaired by a mentally disabled ape, so I began looking for a different project. I used to hate VW/Audi's until my low budget forced me to look at 1 as an option. I immediately was impressed with it, despite the horrible condition the previous 2 owners left it in. But ever since the day I brought the GTI home. I've loved it and havent regretted my decision to this day. Despite a dishonest shop and a idiotic scumbag of a tuner (who nearly hydrolocked my engine with methanol and installed the kit wrong the 1st time blaming it on others), the GTI has had a smooth 8 1/2 years of ownership. It ignited my love for VWs to the point that my new daily driver is a VW. I never plan on getting rid of this car. Not ever.

Other Info

Since I have a new daily driver now (2007 Passat B6 Wagon 2.0TFSI), I can finally transform the GTI into the full Touring Car I wanted it to be. Im building a Golf R MK6 block on the side, capable of between 500-600hp. Over time the body will change to the BTCC MK5 GTI body, a rear wing installed, the entire interior stripped, a roll cage + harness bar made, and auxiliary Oil Cooler & auxiliary DSG Cooler will be made (to keep temps in check on track days). The engine bay will gradually be "shaved" & cleaned up so the racecar can still be brought to shows and sit with the best of them. Since I will be pushing around 500-600hp when fully built, I will be converting from FWD to 4motion to put the power down more effectively, and the DSG will be one of VW/Audi's 7speed performance gearboxes (either a DQ500 or DQ381) with uprated clutch plates & a LSD. When finished, this GTI will give nearly anything a good run on the circuit and the strip.