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2008 Subaru Outback

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It started off as my grandfather's car when he bought it new back in 2008. I was at scout camp and I came home to see this brand new car sitting in the driveway. I had always been into cars and I loved spending time with my grandpa, but unfortunately he died about 2 years later after losing a hard fought fight with cancer. Fast forward another 4 years and I had just gotten my license and the Outback was still sitting. And man did I love it.....for like 2 months. Then I kinda felt as though is was boring and slow (it was). So I did a few audio mods here and there, experimented with paint and plast dip, and even had a full custom exhaust made with the use of WRX headers (still have them and it still sounds gnarly). But then, like nearly all Subarus it blew it's head gaskets....and then blew them again......and then my transmission blew up.................and then my head gaskets a third time, overheated my engine on the highway and effectively killed the block. I was too stubborn, too stupid, and too poor (broke college kid for the win) and I had it fixed. Ever since then I started wrenching everything myself, even replacing yet another transmission in a college parking lot. The car, yet again, started to grow on me, so I started what I called a "build". It's now lifted, on all terrain tires, has a steel bumper, and a few things here and there. The story won't stop there, but that's my car. That's how I paid over 15 thousand into a car that's worth maybe 3 currently. But I love it

Other Info

Performance Mods

2 Inch Anderson Design Fab lift
28 inch All Terrain Tires
Full Custom Exhaust

Cosmetic Mods

Steel Front Bumper
Light Bars


2008 Subaru Outback
Base Model 2.5i
170 Crank Horsepower
4EAT Automatic Transmission

....that's pretty much it. It's not special spec wise