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2016 Audi S6

Floret Silver | Bronx, NY | 0 Followers



Always been an Audi guy, my first ever car was an 07 a4 which I then upgraded six months later to a 2013 s4 when I was just 18. Had the s4 five years and was creating a monster build, unfortunately it came to a sudden end when another car crashed into it while it was parked and totaled it. I then went ahead searching for a new car and found the S6. I made sure to research what I would be looking for since I would obtain it used. Overall the car is amazing and I can’t wait to build my dream s6 within time.

Other Info

Not too many mods currently but within time it will become a modded beast

Performance Mods

Custom exhaust setup with 4inch APR tips

Cosmetic Mods

Gloss black wrap on roof


Black Optics Package
Rear Sport Differential
Cold Weather Package
Drivers Assistance Package
Carbon Fibre Package
Sport Exhaust
Parking and Camera Assist Package