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2017 Subaru WRX STI

Dark Grey Metallic | Cincinnati, OH | 0 Followers



I bought this car in August of 2017 with the intentions of keeping it stock for the first year. After getting involved in the community and seeing everyone else with there builds I just couldn't wait. I then decided to go all out and do everything I've always wanted to do with other build. In November I started the build with Air Lift Performance 3p suspension, Enkei nt03 wheels, and a few other parts. Over the winter I was looking into widebody kits for the car but wanted something that not many people were running. I came across the Oiram kit and at the time only five cars had the kit, I liked the style and the company was very helpful so I ordered the kit in May of 2018 along with a set of Cosmis Racing wheels, Invidia catless downpipe, Invidia full titanium n1 catback, and a Cobb accessport. Everything was installed by Frame Works Auto in Ohio and the car was finished in mid June. Since then I have don't some minor adjustments and mods including a full set of aero from Street Aero, ISC v3 lower control arms, White line camber bolts, and dialed in the wheel fitment. The future plans for the car include 3 piece wheels as the Cosmis wheels were only ordered to figure out the best fitment for the kit, APR wing, Full interior from Braum, Vinyl wrap, and once the car hits 30k miles I will be swapping in a stage 2 tuff short block with rotated turbo setup and flex fuel along with plenty other supporting mods with goals of 550-600whp.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Invidia catless downpipe
Invidia full titanium n1 single exit catback
Cobb accessport
Air Lift Performance 3p suspension
ISC v3 lower control arms
White line front camber bolts

Cosmetic Mods

Jdm front grille
Perrin wing stabilizers
Ht Autos front lip
Street Aero front splitter
Street Aero side skirts
Street Aero rear diffuser
Cosmis xt-006r wheels
Oiram widebody


Wheels- 18x11 +8 with 20mm spacers up front and 40mm spacers in the rear.