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2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF

Ceramic Metallic | Port Saint Lucie, FL | 0 Followers



Started out with a first gen (NA) Miata. That sparked my love for this car. I sold my old one and bought this one back at the end of 2018. The 2017 ND RF. Complete with Bilstein shocks from the factory, 17in alloy wheels, and other cosmetic factory goodies. Lots in store for this one. I waited a year before starting to modify. But now it’s balls to the wall, I guess.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Wheels: Konig Backbones
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE71R
Coilovers: Buddy Club
Exhaust: Cobalt muffler
Brakes: Brembo swap from the 2018 ND2

Cosmetic Mods

Spinnywhoosh Sakura and Koi Livery
Stubby antenna by Cravenspeed


RF (retractable fastback)
Front-Mid engine
2.0L Skyactiv DOHC I4
6-spd manual transmission
155 hp
Curb weight: 2300ish lbs
Wheel base: 91.1in