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Other Info

Upcoming: - Braum Alpha X seats - Depo JDM Taillights - New Wrap 👀

Cosmetic Mods

Metallic Purple Engine Bay Hardware
VQ Vortex 2x2 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover with Deep Space Accents and Titanium Umbrella Dressing Screws
Carbon Fiber Hydrodipped Battery, Brake Fluid, and Radiator Cover with 3M Deep Space Accents
1 of 1: MazterPiece Automotive Burnt Titanium Dipstick with “Kunal Sharma” engraved on it
1 of 1: MazterPiece Automotive Burnt Titanium Engine Code Plate
JDM Nismo Billet Aluminum Blue Oil Tank Cap
3M 1080 Gloss Flip Deep Space Wrap
Vis Racing AMS 2x2 Carbon Fiber Hood
Vis Racing 2x2 Carbon Fiber Grille
First G37 in Canada: Successful Automotive 2x2 Carbon Fiber Fenders
Seibon Carbon 2x2 Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
Battle Aero 75” 2x2 Carbon Fiber Chassis-Mounted Wing with X-Brace Support
Battle Aero Version-1 Chassis Mount Wing-Frame
Powdercoated in “Chameleon Sapphire Teal”
Executioner Endplates in Blue-Reflective Carbon Fiber, secured with Burnt Titanium Bolts
Double-Diffuser Setup:
AutoKitsX 2x2 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser + TopSecret JDM-style Vis Racing 2x2 Carbon Fiber Diffuser
One-Off Flow-Formed 2x2 Carbon Fiber Front Canards
Custom EngageAero GT Front Splitter with Winglets and Support Rods
EngageAero Side Splitters with RB-Style Attachment –Finished in Blue-Reflective Carbon Fiber
Full 2008 → 2011 Base-to-Sport Front Conversion
Liberty Walk Sideskirts
Liberty Walk Flares Seam-Moulded to the Quarter Panel