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2004 Subaru Impreza WRX

World Rally Blue | Aberdeen, MD | 0 Followers



In September 2019, my 2017 Subaru STI was totaled by 2 distracted drivers. I was left without a vehicle and need to find another vehicle ASAP, but I already knew where to look. This little ‘04 Subaru Impreza Wagon came to my boyfriend at the time shop in May 2019. The engine was blown and the originally owner wanted to fix her to sell. My boyfriend and I pulled the old motor and pushed her back out into the lot expecting to put her back together and sell her come winter. Well in October 2019, I purchased her and went to an importer and bought a new engine...history was made from there. This car became not only my daily, but also my race car.

Other Info

Member of National Autosports Association Purchased mods not installed yet: JDM Long Runner Intake Manifold TurboXS FMIC

Performance Mods

JDM Ver 7 EJ207
JDM Short Runner STI Intake Manifold
JDM Ver 8 VF37 Twin Scroll Turbo
JDM Ver 8 Equal Length Headers
JDM Ver 8 Catless Down Pipe
JDM Pink STI Fuel Injectors
KillerB Oil Pan, Baffle & Pickup
Grimmspeed Cold Air intake

Kinugawa Billet Adjustable Turbo Actuator
SPT Single Exit Exhaust
Koyo Radiator
DBA T3 4000 Rotors
Hawk Performance HPS Brake Pads
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Cosmetic Mods

Vis Racing STI Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop
JDM Impreza Cherry Blossom Pink Badge
MeLe Design Firm Custom Pink Battery Mount
JNA Pink Alternator Cover
Grimmspeed Radiator Shroud