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2013 Cadillac CTS-V

Black | Albuquerque, NM | 0 Followers



When I was younger I’ve always wanted a ctsv, as I got towards my 20s I was interested in building either a 2014 Sierra or getting into a ctsv. I found that I was able to get my dream car so I perused it. I found one that I was in love with, and was approved for! So I went to Texas to pick it up and it was perfect. Needed some tlc because the wrap was old and worn but it was worth it! There was light blue wrap and some carbon fiber wrap on top of the paint which was brand new. Then I went for a flex fuel sensor & was able to gain a good amount of power and entered it into a racing event back in okc. It out performed what we thought it would. We expected with the set up. 11.9 at 119 with just e85 & street tires. Then we took her apart for some ID 850 injectors & a pulley. HUGE gain. Currently in a 9000 DA in Albuquerque it runs a 11.5 at 120 mph. We’re expecting a 10.5 out of it in sea level I have beadlocks for it right now waiting to be put on, & also ordered a new pulley & a lower. Hopefully will finish coil overs & some other items soon

Other Info

Performance Mods

2.45 gripteck upper pulley

4.5” cold air intake from air raid

Cat delete with custom hangers

Flex fuel sensor

10.5 17” weld s71

Cosmetic Mods

Custom fiberglass hood