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2019 Audi S3

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Been playing with cars as a hobby since I was 17, doing any modification I could teach myself how to do. Bought my very first car when I was 18, which was my 2005.5 Audi A4. Had that for six years until my car accident in November 2019. All of the modifications done to that were almost gone. I was running a stage two setup, performed a manual transmission conversion as well. Over the passed four years, I’ve worked professionally as a Volkswagen technician and now at Audi chasing down all of my certifications. On top that, I’m product specialist for MTM USA; a European car performance company that provides tuning and components. Due to the accident I bought a new Audi S3 from my dealership. Lots of plans in mind for this car.

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More to come for Lil Demon S3.

Performance Mods

Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve
MTM Stage 1 Tune

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