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I traded my 2006 g35 for this car in march of 2019 and i owned the G37 for about 2 days and a deer jumped into my front fender causing a fair amount of damage. The deer hit the car just perfectly to crack the bumper, bend the fender and hood, and bust the passenger side headlight. The car ended up being in the shop for 2 months due to insurance issues (since i owned the car 2 days). Now that i have the car back i am continuing to add different mods, Performance and cosmetic.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Akebono Performance brakes

Cosmetic Mods

IPL Sideskirts
Sport front bumper
OEMassive Headlights.


2013 IPL Akebono brakes
IPL Side skirts
Front sport bumper
20 inch ruff racing wheels