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1991 Mazda Miata

Shark | Aurora, CO | 0 Followers



My boyfriend baught this miata off of a buddy of his with a blown engine the guy had given up on the car so he said he would buy it as a project car for me to hav fun with him when he was working on it he found that this car was half assed even before his buddy touched it so he fix some stuff and eventually said I’m gonna make this a cheap and fun build so get ready to hate 👌✌️

Other Info

This has been street tuned by my boyfriend and has blown 2 diffs

Performance Mods

eBay turbo kit
Maxspeedingrods T3T4 turbo
eBay external wastegate 8psi spring
Custom intercooler piping
eBay HKS blow off valve
DW300 fuel pump
eBay drill slotted break rotors
Megasquirt ECU
eBay oil cooler kit
eBay M-Tuned coolant reroute kit
Two eBay catch cans
Stage 1 exedy clutch
Welded diff
2.5” full straight pipe catless exhaust

Cosmetic Mods

eBay wide body
JNC wheels 16x9
Unknown Coilovers
eBay a piller gauge holder
20mm spacers


10-11 psi
Stock 1.6