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1990 Mazda Miata

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This miata was from my grandmother who bought it in 1997 and inherited it from my father. the miata was in bad condition in the hands of my father and I asked him about the car that was missing and he always said I have to do this to him later, but I also have to do this but with all the time in the world he never did it. until one day he got tired of me always asking him and giving it to me. And from there he experienced my project well, I have been with him since April 7, 2020 and they have made good progress. I don't have a lot of pay in my job but little by little the goal that one expects is achieved

Other Info

Performance Mods

I still haven't messed around with engine performance and steering and suspension tuning

Cosmetic Mods


I have no expectations of the miata but I will put it to my liking