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2016 Subaru WRX STI

Grey | Chambersburg, PA | 0 Followers



I started of by having a 9th gen r18 civic. I loved it no matter how stock and slow it was. I started adding stuff to it. One day I was bored and started looking up different cars that I would probably buy in the future. Well the future came when I saw this Subaru. I’ve always wanted a Civic Type R but when I saw this, boy was it a dream come true. The Subaru community is so much better than the Honda. Who doesn’t feel good when you see another subie and give them the “subie wave”

Other Info

Performance Mods

Invidia N1 exhaust system
K & N cold air intake
Nameless blow off valve

Cosmetic Mods

CFwrapped hood
CF wrapped roof
CF wrapped spoiler
CF wrapped gas tank
F1’s 031 wheels