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2018 BMW M3

Austin Yellow | Miami, FL | 0 Followers



I've always been a car fanatic since I was young. I started out in the JDM scene and owned a 2006 WRX back in college. Since then I was exposed to the close-nit culture of the "car community". While owning the WRX, I've always admired BMWs and finally "pulled the trigger and bought one". I became part of the F80 forum to learn and be a part of a great car community. December 2013 I went into Rallye BMW of Westbury NY and placed my order for a 2014 BMW F30. Since this was my first BMW, I wanted to make sure I had all the options I wanted. A brief summary of the options I had was: Took delivery - March 2014 335 X-Drive (N55) 6-Speed manual #SaveTheManuals!  Alpine White exterior with Dakota Coral Red interior Driver Assistance Package Dynamic Handling Package Premium Package M-Sport Package  M-Sport Brakes Navigation Modifications: Active AutoWeke's Tune Box (N55) M-Performance Exhaust H&R Sport Springs Velgen's VMB7 20x9 and 20x10.5 AFE Intake 15 % tint Here are a few photos of the F30 (The car had 47,500 miles in 4.5 years) I found a 2018 Austin Yellow, 6-Speed with Marino Black Interior that was located at Motorwerks BMW (Minnesota). The car was listed as used and about market price for the mileage, options and year.  I ended up calling the dealer up November 16th and spoke to a sales person, David Fuhs. David went above and beyond. Believe me, I asked for a ton of photos, negotiated for about an hour and half over the phone and he treated me like a saint. I put my deposit down and I was one step closer to one of my Dream Cars!

Other Info

F80 Forum Journal (Very Detailed Journey of my M3)

Performance Mods

AWE Switchpath Non-Resonated Exhaust

Cosmetic Mods

Suntek PPF front clip
3M 15% Window film all around
H&R 15mm Spacers all around


6 - Speed Manual