2004 BMW M3

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It all started when I got my first race car.. or so I though. I had bought a 2013 bright red BRZ. Slow.... (trust me, I know). Long story short 2 cars, 1 truck and one recked STI (not my fault) later, I got my dream car. A 2004 bmw e46 m3. My goal with the STI was always show car! I had parts waiting to be ordered the next day before I was hit. So once I found a clean m3 I knew that’s the direction I wanted to go! Only got the car a couple months ago so this project is on going.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Soon to come...

Cosmetic Mods

18x9.5 arch 8 wheels

(Currently getting wrapped)


2004 bmw e46 m3