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1990 Nissan 300ZX

Cherry Red Pearl | Corunna, MI | 0 Followers



Growing up with parents I naturally was attracted to cars growing up. Like most kids I had posters or exotics on my wall, but it wasn't until I was a bit older I found my niche in Imports. My first car was a 2gen eclipse and I enjoyed my short ownership of it. My dad was the first one to show me the 300zx Z32 after multiple conversations about my mom owning a Z31 back in the day. Once I saw the Z32 and read about it's history I knew I had to have one. It was unique, it was sporty, and it was just as beautiful as it was when it rolled off the showroom floor. I first found a black Twin Turbo that was tastefully modified for more power and aesthetics. After my dad test drove the car he decided the power was too much for a 17 year old kid. As much as it pained me, I now know he made the right decision. After looking at the black TT, I found a NA 5spd not too far from my house in Chicago. My parents both liked it and my dad saw how good of shape it was in for a 21 year old Z. I fell in love and I bought this fairly clean 1990 300ZX in Cherry Red Pearl. I sold my '97 Eclipse in exchange for this car and I never looked back. I dove head first into learning about the history of this car and all I could mechanically. Fast forward 8 years and the car has gone through a slow but steady transformation. 2020 has already been a year of change for my Z32 and I am extremely excited to watch it get closer to my final visions. I want to keep it a street car with the ability to track it and enjoy it at the strip as well.

Other Info

Performance Mods

10.5:1 compression
Stock Z32 Manual Turbos
Nismo 740cc injectors
E85 Tune by ZShack-Houston
Z1 3" Exhaust
Z1 3" Test Pipes
3" Down Pipes
Selin Dual Intake
Custom Intake Pipes
HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valves
SpecialtyZ StreetMax Clutch
Inland Empire Aluminum 1- piece driveshaft
Innovate Motorsports SCG-1 Boost Controller

Cosmetic Mods

JDM Z32 Tail Lights
Stillen SMZ III Spoiler
Stillen GTZ-R Front Bumper
BRAUM Racing ELITE-X Seats
Grip Royal Halo White Steering Wheel
NRG short hub and 4.0 White quick release

Eibach Spings with AGX Shocks (Changing Spring 2020)

Miro 398 Wheels 18x9.5 (Changing Spring 2020)

Toyo Proxes Sport Front tires 235/40r18
Toyo Proxes R888r Rear tires 275/35r18