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1988 BMW 325

Black | Akron, OH | 0 Followers



I grew up building Japanese imports, inspired like so many by Initial D, F&F, and the budding import scene in magazines. After living in Germany in 2010, I found a new passion in Porsche and BMW. Determined to learn all I could, I bought a gray market imported 323i E30 and began its full restoration alongside my best friend and fellow BMW enthusiast in TN. Months after I had rebuilt that engine, I decided it was time to trade my daily driver G35 for an E36 M3. On the way to sell the car to my buyer, I was t-boned by a lady who ran a red light and the G was totaled. With only half of the money the buyer and I had agreed upon after the insurance check came in, my choices were limited. I had been building a few E30s, which left me with more spare parts than I could ever use. I made the choice to buy the nicest E30 vert I could find and make it my daily driver. I found my 88 vert in Indiana, where a collector was trying to make room for his recently purchased NSX. I bought the E30 and began to refresh everything it needed with the intention of keeping it all stock. Shortly after, the timing belt tensioner I had just replaced decided it wanted to break in half, knackering the whole M20. With that, the full drivetrain and custom suspension I had been building for another car found their way into the vert over the next week post-kaboom. Four years later, the E30 has been my mainstay amd receives constant attention in the form of tweaks, nut-and-bolt restorations, and meticulous detailing to keep it one of the finest examples of a custom E30 I have ever encountered. It has been a journey, but I am proud of all the car has taught me and the friendships it garnered in the BMW community.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Shit. Its seriously fucking built.

Every mechanical part is performance.

Cosmetic Mods

Late model front end conversion

Lalte model rear end conversion

Momo mod.08 wheel

NRG quick release

2mshiftboots ebrake/shift boot combo in mtech fabric

Condor shorty weighted knob

Led headlight conversion

Shaved trunk and 3rd brake light delete

IS front splitter

Zender side skirts


M52b28 swap

Rebuilt G260 5spd

256 schrick euro m3 cams

16x7.5 et13 RH Toplines

Full interior restoration

Full factory respray schwartz black I