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1991 Mazda Miata

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Ever since I bought my first car back in high school, a 91 Mazda Miata, I always wanted to do an LS v8 Miata swap but didn’t have the money to do it. Many cars/years later, I finally decided I needed to pursue my high school dream car build and break my dreams by making it into reality. I bought another 91 Mazda Miata and the rest is history. Build time!

Other Info

There is still a lot to do/get. And oh and never forget the secret sauce.

Performance Mods

LS 5.3L Iron Block
Completely rebored and honed
Larger Exhaust Valves
Comp Springs +.650lift
Rockers with upgraded trunion kit
New pistons and bearings
LS7 Trays and Lifters
Sloppy Stage 2 Elgin E1840P Camshaft
LS1 Intake Manifold w/ fuel rail
G-performance 102mm throttle body
36 ft/hr fuel injectors
Holley Performance TERMINATOR stand-alone harness
Holley Performance 7” Digital Dash

T56 Magnum 6 Speed Manual w/Sikky Short-throw shifter
Custom Aluminum driveshaft
Getrag 3.91 Rear Differential
Stage 2 custom axles (500hp) w/ wheel hubs
BC Racing Coilovers

Cosmetic Mods

TOYO PROXES R888R 225/45ZR-15
XXR 8.25x15”
Front lip
Flyin’ Miata Turnlight Air-intakes
LED Headlights/Taillights


1991 Mazda Miata 1.6L
0-60mph eventually (LOL)

Build in process!