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1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Laser red | East Windsor, CT | 0 Followers



Bought this car as a daily driver in 2016 when I came back to the states after living in France for $1100. Had 130k on the clock, 5 speed, 2.0Litre motor. It was very basic. The Jetta city edition. There’s not even a glove box and the windows are crank. Lots of typical mk3 rot. Unfortunately the rear wheel bearing failed and the back tire fell off on the highway 2 weeks into owning it. That sucked but got another one slapped it all back together and she has her moments. Like I took her to the ice castles in New Hampshire in the winter, countless trips to New York City, I even made it to Toronto and Niagara Falls in that car. Unfortunately I went back to Europe again in 2018 when I got back, the place where I was storing the m3 and Volkswagen was starting to flood from a random heavy rain that came in. I saved the m3 the water was only up to the side skirts and that started and drove her out. The Volkswagen didn’t want to start. Something was fried and water got into the car and up to the seats. Dried it out, fixed the ignition relay and she fired right up. This car is a tank and she’s been loyal to me for almost 3 years now and well over 30,000 miles. I’ll drive her til she dies.

Other Info

It’s rotting out but she’s a good workhorse.

Performance Mods


Cosmetic Mods

H&r Cup Kit
Cheap aftermarket wheels
Aftermarket taillights
French number plate I borrowed off a car in France.


5 speed
Jetta City Edition
0-60: yes