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1998 BMW M3

Techno violet | East Windsor, CT | 0 Followers



Saw a Craigslist advert for it back in 2014 on the outskirts of New York City. Figured it was an odd M3 the way it was purple with a yellow interior. Met up with the guy talked to him for a bit. Had a few problems here and there, no big deal. So I took the front plate off my friends Audi s4 we drove down there, and we put it on the back of the M3 and made the two and a half hour journey home to northern Connecticut. It was a blast to drive. So far it has been quite the car for me. Probably one of the fastest, best handling cars I’ve ever owned. She’s a great car but she is showing her age. Not bad for a 20 year old m3. I’ve put a lot of work into her over the years and countless paychecks. It’s been worth it so far.

Other Info

It’s beat but it’s fun.

Performance Mods

M50 manifold
Upgraded ecu
Uuc E34 m5 stage 2 clutch/flywheel
Forged internals
Upgraded differential
Bbs wheels
Uuc v1 catback exhaust

Cosmetic Mods

Just the handsome devil behind the wheel.


3.2L in-line 6
5 speed transmission