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1991 Volvo 240

Black | Hampstead, MD | 0 Followers



I’ve always been a Volvo guy. I’ve had pretty much every generation and I don’t think I’ll ever not have a Swede in the stable. This old bricc is by far my favorite yet. Slow as shit and definitely a hoopty but it is the very epitome of build quality and reliability. It will outlive me. And it looks damn good on the ground too.

Other Info

Performance Mods

-driver mod + 200hp

Cosmetic Mods

-cut springs
-15x8 Jeep gambler wheels
-stretched 195/45/15 cheapo tires
-Volvo clique banner
-roof racks
-hella 550 fog lights
-auxbeam 22in light bar
-Swedish OSD plate


2.3L B230F (114 stock hp)
M47 5-speed manual